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Sacred Forge

May 28th 2017

Lebanon Connecticut

Join Adhi and Alissa for a day of fire and transformation as they take participants on a creative journey to forge an amulet, sacred arm band/bracelet and  a sacred athame (knife) out of copper, bronze, or iron. The forge is the creative fire within for  women and men. This energy manifests differently yet can when put to healthy application can change hearts, minds and spirits… as well as become the process to change the world. This is a complete immersion gathering. We will create a dynamic and safe space to go deep and explore our connection and explore the creative process. We will then use Fire in the form of a sacred forge as the focal point for transformation.

Some of the forge activities….

Learning about the Alchemy of metals and there energetic and transformative properties. How metals are change when heated and hammered… tempered in water…

We will journey to connect to the deeper meaning of what the forge means to each of us as well as explore the synergy of fire, earth and water as the components of the self in creative process.

We willcreate an Amulet through the process of cold forging of metal. This will help to learn the techniques of hammering metal and seeing how surfaces and shapes change.  This process works to  empowers the amulet with your intention.

In many traditions the sacred knife is used as a tool for cutting cords, casting a circle,   symbol for the element of Air, mental clarity, creativity, many othertraditions and teachings….

We will explore….

This is a full hands on one day intensive where participants will learn the basics ofblacksmithing out of a choice of different metals: copper, bronze, steel, iron…  Adhi will share the alchemy of fire and metal as a transformation process, leading participants through the magic ofheating, hammering, tempering… Alissa will guide participants to discover local plants and the alchemy ofactive earth connection/awareness as part of a holistic way to balance the creative with thesacred.

We will be offering camping on the land in tents which participants will bring or you can choose to stay off land at an AirBnB or other place. There will be composting toilets and solar showers on the land. Women will need to bring all their own sleeping gear, toiletries, eating utensils, cup, plate/bowl, water bottle. As well as bugs stuff (there are mosquitoes & ticks), sturdy boots and weather appropriate clothing ( be prepared for any kind of weather)

Safety is important for this weekend and you will receive a list of gear you must bring for this weekend in order to participate in the forge activities.

We will build a community village with a kitchen where all will participate in meal preparation and clean-up as well as rotating through toilet duties and shower duties. These tasks serve to ground and support the energy of the weekend.

 Tuition for thisday  which includes meals and materials: $ 180.00